Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Pictures

Hey everyone! I realize that it has been quite a while since I updated our blog with new pictures of Levi and Judah so here you go!!! Here's the quick update on us...
  • We head to the Cornerstone Music Festival in IL next week where we will run the Breakaway sessions for teens/young adults in the mornings. This will be the boys' first trip there and we are so excited because they LOVE music. I am really looking forward to taking Levi to see Toby Mac because he ADORES the drums and Toby Mac's drummer is incredibly animated:)
  • We are tearing apart our house this summer to make more room for Levi and Judah and possible future Dorbands:) When we bought the house we live in I really wasn't thinking clearly and now that the market has tanked, we are just trying to make the best of it! Fortunately we have a church community of skilled builders so I know that we will have lots of help:)
  • Adam will be going to Colombia with 40 teens/young adults from our church for 2 weeks at the end of July. During that time I will be working on the house and going on vacation with my family so the boys can see all their aunts and uncles and have some quality Nana and Poppy time. I'm hoping this will take the edge off of Adam being gone for 2 weeks.
  • We FINALLY navigated the "re-adoption" process in Michigan. In reality, Michigan does not require re-adoption, but there are still a number of steps you have to take to finalize everything, change names, obtain birth certificates, and eventually file for the certificate of citizenship with USCIS...apparently this is not something that happens very often in Detroit. After 3 hours, 3 different offices, and 2 different buildings on opposite ends of town, we ended up in the right place only to have them tell us that the office was closed and we would have to come back tomorrow. Even though we didn't accomplish the final task, we did get the answers we needed and had some good family time while we were waiting around.
That probably doesn't really cover everything, but it's all the big stuff for now. We are amazed at our boys and so incredibly in love with everything about them. I was reading a book called "God Loves You" to Judah yesterday and it made me tear up as I realized the depths of God's love for all 4 of us...He knew exactly what each of us needed and He knit our family together before we even knew...WOW, we truly are so rich.