Saturday, January 23, 2010

More video

I was writing a message to Judah and Levi the other day in honor of their first birthdays and it struck me that our boys have grown and done so much in the two short months that we have had them in our lives. We decided to wait to throw them a birthday party until Feb. or March because December and January have been so incredibly crazy, however, I couldn't resist making them a birthday cake (even though they couldn't understand what it was for). Enjoy the video, but here is the run-down of all the ways they are changing...
  • Both boys have learned to drink out of a sippy cup
  • They are feeding themselves goldfish crackers and Cheerios
  • Judah has taken a few steps independently every day since the 19th of January
  • Levi is standing up on his own
  • Judah had no teeth when we met him and now he has 5 with a few more on the way!!!
  • Both boys enjoy a variety of foods and Levi eats everything like a champ even though he has no teeth
  • The boys will sit on my lap and let me read them a book and they are learning to play with all kinds of toys- they are really SOOOOOOO smart!!!
  • They are learning to play with each other:) I think it has finally hit them that they have the same person in their room every morning when they wake up! They chase each other around the house laughing and fight over toys whenever either of them finds something interesting! Levi has also been known to tackle Judah on occasion and I can't help but laugh- it's kinda cute:)
  • Judah has had one round of medicine to treat his giardia- we'll find out in a week if it worked (Levi seems to have escaped without the pesky bug)
  • Levi came home with an ear infection and also has undergone treatment
  • Other than those two minor issues, no health problems to report (except for runny noses)- we will find out the result of their full medical tests from our family Dr. in a week or so
That's all for now! We are so excited for all the families in Rwanda picking up the new members of their families!!!
Sending Love,
The Dorband 4

Monday, January 18, 2010

Little drummer boy...

So our children are pretty much destined to either love music or be musicians. This is a video of Levi getting his first drum lesson from the drummer for our youth ministry. Hopefully it makes you smile:)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Adam and I have started making videos about our journey to help us process and remember everything that has taken place. We just posted "The Beginning of Our Journey" above so you could see the whole screen (my blog layout isn't good for viewing videos)- don't forget to scroll down and pause the music on the blog before starting the video. Enjoy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Adopted by so many...

When I think about the journey to bring Levi and Judah home, it becomes strikingly apparrent that they have been adopted by a HUGE community of people. Adam and I are simply the lucky ones who actually get to be their parents. Our families, friends, church community and "blogging friends" have been praying for us and encouraging us through every tear and bump along the way and now that they are home, we are experiencing the same love and support. Thank you doesn't seem sufficient for those who have stood with us, prayed for us, supplied us with every baby item we could possibly need, and continue to offer their love and assistance wherever it is needed.

Levi and Judah (and Adam and I) are loved by so many and we pray that one day they will be able to look back and see what a large group was a part of their story. Thank you for praying- we still need it! Thank you for all the encouraging words, gifts, and love you have so lavished on all four of us. We are incredibly humbled and grateful for such a community of friends and family.

Sending lots of love,

The Dorband 4

Monday, January 4, 2010

Instant family:)

Adam and I have been married for 9 years and Levi and Judah are our first children. Instantly being a family of 4 comes with some challenges, but there is so much joy that our hearts feel as though they will burst sometimes. These children are such a gift...snuggles, laughter, and all of the "firsts" that we have witnessed. I don't know what we ever did for entertainment before we had them around. Here are some recent highlights...
  • The boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bath and it makes me love to bathe them. Judah has taken to licking everything so he "chases" after Levi in the bath and licks him. Too funny to put into words!!!
  • Levi said mama today and I'm pretty sure it was in reference to me. Both boys have been saying "dada," but this morning as he was clinging onto my pants crying because he wanted to be held and I was changing Judah's diaper- Levi said "mama". It might have just been a fluke but I loved it anyway.
  • Both boys are learning to sleep through the night and get on somewhat of a schedule!!! Judah fell asleep at 6:30pm yesterday, woke up once at 3am and went immediately back to sleep until a reasonable hour in the morning:) Now we just have to try to develop a regular nap schedule.
  • Even though Levi has no teeth, he goes to town on solid foods. Judah is a little more picky, but he has still been willing to try almost anything.

That's all for now- sending love!!!

The Dorband 4