Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pray for our paperwork!!!

Well, we thought our paperwork was sitting on the desk of Mr. Michael Rukata awaiting approval, but through some recent communication, it seems that they are uncertain as to the exact whereabouts of our dossier (yikes!). We know God is in control of even these little details, and we would appreciate your prayers on our behalf. THANK YOU!!!


  1. Yikes!! :) Our paperwork is also on Michael's desk... hopefully yours is in the stack as well. :) Have you guys specified age and gender for your kids? you can email me whenever at :) here's to hoping your paperwork reappears. With any luck the reason they can't find it is that it's already been approved and on its way back to you.

  2. Awesome! You guys are moving along fast! all our paperwork is stateside, pending I-600a approval. Thanks for your encouraging comments on our blog. Someday we will have to have a "Tina's Kids" adoption meet-up! God Bless! Jen & Bill Cropf

  3. Praying!! Maybe he already approved it and he doesn't remember and it's on it's way to wherever it goes from there!

    Babies!! Still praying for the babies! Just was praying over those pictures i put in my bible!

    And by the way... it's time for the 5AM feeding!

    love to the Dorbands... you guys and those babies who can't wait to be held by their mommy and daddy (and Aunt