Monday, July 27, 2009

God is so good!

I don't have any adoption news, but I wanted to share that Adam and I are still in Columbia and we have seen God do INCREDIBLE things during our short stay here. One of the students told me today that her life will never be the same after this trip and I feel the same way. We have preached the gospel to thousands of people and seen hundreds come to know the awesome love of God. We have been on many different mission trips all over the world, but we have never seen anything like what we have experienced over these past two weeks. One thing I know for sure- the God who set the boundaries for the ocean can most certainly handle the details of our adoption (even though I feel at times that I would rather be in control). Blessings on all of you and much love!!! Check out for videos of our time in Columbia so far.


  1. It's surely been amazing to witness from the outside!

    Can i just tell you? You are an amazing woman of God, I am getting all teary eyed just thinking about what a great friend you are! How my life has NEVER been the same since I met you! Oh how you show God's love everywhere you go! I loveyou! I can't wait to hug you!!!

  2. I keep thinking that you're going to get the news! You will be home in less than 24 hours!!