Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spoon-tastic Fun:)

So my little men are learning to feed themselves with a spoon and oh it is such a mess! I am a self-professed neat freak and having 2 little ones has forced me to do some letting go- I am so grateful I have plastic flooring that is easy to clean:) Here are some fun pics for you to enjoy! This fiasco ended with both boys in the bathtub, but we had a great time working on their new skills!


  1. I love it! This is what every meal looks like at our house! It does not seem to get better even when they get the hang of feeding themselves. That is when they discover that it is fun to pour oatmeal on their head.

  2. Hi there! Your boys are amazing!
    My husband and I are youth pastors in MN and are pursuing an adoption from Rwanda. can you tell me, did you use an agency or go the independent route?
    We are in the throes of researching and would love to hear your insight.