Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Mother for Choco

My friend Becca came over to help me paint today- THANK YOU BECCA! She has two adopted sons and has been an absolute wealth of encouragement and knowledge during this journey. When I first told her we were adopting, she brought me the most beautiful and thoughtful little books for our children and a journal for me, but today she gave me an absolute MUST HAVE for all families adopting little ones. It is called "A Mother for Choco" by Keiko Kasza and it is soooooooo precious and sweet. The book simply tells the story of a little bird without a mommy who finds a home with a bear who has three other children (a hippo, a pig, and an alligator). Even though it is so simple, it is truly beautiful and profound.
For those of you who are wondering...we have no news other than we are waiting for word that our dossier has arrived safely in Rwanda. Thank you for all your prayers!!! God's timing is perfect:)

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