Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Prayer Warriors!!!

Dear Friends,
As I said in my earlier post...our POA (Power of Attorney) has not received the copies of our paperwork we sent to him and it has been over three weeks:( He is checking in with The Minister's office and it is uncertain whether they have received the originals--yikes! Please pray that it arrives safely!!! I am in semi-panic mode right now.

On another note, the man who is functioning as our POA is a Rwandan pastor and he shared the following prayer requests with me. Please pray for him.
  • Pray for my wife to be healed... she has cough and to get a job
  • Pray for my father in law is very sick
  • Pray with us also we are not enjoying paying monthly house rent, we need our own house or land to build ours.
  • Pray for my wife and I to have scholarships/ God's provision for education.

1 comment:

  1. Dear God, Your timing is perfect. Lord, but we are patiently awaiting these new masterpieces to be sent to us Lord, and we want them, and we want them now, Lord I ask that You pick up the paperwork Lord from whereever it is, and You get it where it needs to be. Lord, I ask for safety and health of the Babies Dorband. Lord, I ask that you give Katie and Adam peace about this situation, Lord, we know you love them, Lord, we know this is your plan, but Lord, can you give us just a glimpse of your majestic plan? Lord I ask that you remind them how much you love them, that you remind them that they are yours Lord, that you have your hand over this perfect plan for them, that doors be opened Lord, like you've parted the red sea, open this too!

    Lord, I ask for provision and health for POA. Lord, I ask that you provide a home for them, Lord that you make it available that they get their own home that a portion of your great land be given to them for your glory Lord. I pray for health for POA's wife lord, that she be healed that you bring wisdom to the doctors to treat her, that the medicine be made available for her and POA's father in law. THat the doctor's and nurses have compassion and wisdom Lord.

    Lord, you are the Lord of all things, you are majestic and all knowing. You are love, Lord, spread your love before us.

    In all these things I ask in Your Son's mighty loving name, AMEN!