Monday, January 4, 2010

Instant family:)

Adam and I have been married for 9 years and Levi and Judah are our first children. Instantly being a family of 4 comes with some challenges, but there is so much joy that our hearts feel as though they will burst sometimes. These children are such a gift...snuggles, laughter, and all of the "firsts" that we have witnessed. I don't know what we ever did for entertainment before we had them around. Here are some recent highlights...
  • The boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bath and it makes me love to bathe them. Judah has taken to licking everything so he "chases" after Levi in the bath and licks him. Too funny to put into words!!!
  • Levi said mama today and I'm pretty sure it was in reference to me. Both boys have been saying "dada," but this morning as he was clinging onto my pants crying because he wanted to be held and I was changing Judah's diaper- Levi said "mama". It might have just been a fluke but I loved it anyway.
  • Both boys are learning to sleep through the night and get on somewhat of a schedule!!! Judah fell asleep at 6:30pm yesterday, woke up once at 3am and went immediately back to sleep until a reasonable hour in the morning:) Now we just have to try to develop a regular nap schedule.
  • Even though Levi has no teeth, he goes to town on solid foods. Judah is a little more picky, but he has still been willing to try almost anything.

That's all for now- sending love!!!

The Dorband 4


  1. it wasn't a fluke, he knows who his mama is!

  2. Wow! we love you all so much! And are having a blast getting to know them too! :)

  3. Hi Katie!

    My name is Marissa and my husband and I going to begin the independent adoption process from rwanda (home of hope) this year...hopefully sooner than later! I was wondering if you and your husband went through this process independently and if so, could we possibly connect and maybe talk about your experience? We actually found your blog via Mugisha Ministries and also Laurel Greer is a friend of ours!

    I'd love to connect with you if you'd want to email first, my email address is... (also, we have a blog as well! It is (

    Would love to hear from you !

    Marissa :-)