Monday, May 4, 2009


I take back my earlier elation that our paperwork is safe and sound because today I received an email from our Power of Attorney telling us that The Minister's office does not have our paperwork and it is uncertain where it is. He has his copies, but The Minister needs the certified & authenticated originals. Apparently our POA did not receive his until he tracked the package down at the post office because it was not logged properly. I'm trying not to overreact- I know that God knows right where it is, I just pray that he opens the eyes of the postal workers and the people at The Minister's office collecting the mail. Please pray as you think of it.


  1. Hi Dorband Family,
    I am sorry to hear about your dossier. I will pray for you that it is found and brought to MIGEPROF without delay.
    I have been following your blog and wanted to introduce myself. I am living and working in Rwanda, and also in the process of adopting from here. If you want to connect, you can e-mail at

  2. Wow... will pray for sure!!!! I'm sure the emotions must be awful. I will pray for peace too!