Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please continue to pray...

We now have our POA along with a contact in the USAID office trying to locate our dossier in Rwanda. Please pray that as a new day dawns in Kigali, it is found and brought safely to The Minister's office. My heart is aching to think of replacing those papers and the delay it will cause. I am so grateful to have so many people helping us- God is good all the time!!!

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  1. God, as those beautiful babies sleep God please deliver the paperwork, Lord. We know your timing is perfect and that you have it all lined up, but God, we love these babies already, we want to love them like you love us. Lord, please open the eyes of who has the paperwork, Lord, and deliver it to the Minister's office. Lord, give Katie peace and remind her how perfect your timing is Lord, and how much you love her, and how these babies were marked for her long before we knew there was time. God, we thank you for the lives of these babies, we thank you for letting us love them. Lord, please get this moving, we are excited to love! In Jesus' name, AMEN!!