Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No news yet...

Hi everyone! I know that many of you check my blog for any shred of news and I don't have anything substantial to offer other than our POA talked to Veronique (at the Minister's office) yesterday and she said that they had not picked our kids yet. She assured him that she will contact us via e-mail as soon as they do, but he will check back next week just to be sure they are working on it:) Adam and I are keeping busy, which is good, but I can't wait to drop everything and head to Rwanda! As weird as it may sound, I miss these two little ones that I have never met so desperately that I feel that my heart may explode. Oh the joy of actually getting to meet them face-to-face!!


  1. Been so busy lately that I haven't checked your blog, but I catch myself praying for you all each day. God in is awesome wisdom has this all under control and he alreay knows these babies He has hand picked just for you and you for them.
    God Bless you

  2. We love you Dorband Family of Four!
    One of the first things Ava is going to say when she meets them, with great excitement & enthusiasm is this... "They have brown eyes just like me!" I cannot wait! Lana will probably say, "Baby..Baby.." over & over again even though they may be her exact age! Haha, but she loves babies! What joy we will all feel! Thank you for letting us be a part of this, I tell people about them like they are mine! But I am their aunt after all! Love ya! :)

  3. Sunday 9/20 I found a beautiful figurine with brown skin and tightly curled hair. Her name....Blessing! I know these children will be a blessing to us all. I feel I know them, they are so wrapped in my heart. Now I just need to hold on while I wait to hold them.