Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So many emotions...

Hi friends...once again I am asking everyone to pray for the families (including ours) that are waiting for their adoption referrals from Rwanda. There are several families in Rwanda right now picking up their children and I read this on one of their blogs today- I was driven to full blown sobbing tears. Oh I pray that they are working on our match and that we can travel to pick up our kids soon!!! In the meantime- God please hold them in your hand.

This is what they wrote on their blog...
"This morning Nyanja took us to the genocide memorial here in Kigali. It’s hard to even express the depth and range of emotion that I felt. I have studied Rwandan history and know all the facts about the genocide, but … well, there are some things that books and movies can never convey. One of the last exhibits is dedicated to the children who were killed. I had made it through the museum up until that point, but as we walked out of there into the gardens, I couldn’t help but weep. Not just a few tears … I was sobbing. I surprised several gardeners with my blotchy, wet face. The garden area is very beautiful and peaceful with neatly groomed hedges, flowers, and pathways. They have 258,000 victims buried there in mass graves. There are still fresh flowers being placed on the graves and signs that say, “Never forget. Never again.” Nyanja said that before the genocide, there were only 3 orphanages in Rwanda. Now there are 300. Only 29 of these are registered, and only 1 has all the proper paperwork in place (hence the reason all the referrals are coming out of Home of Hope). Now, those children who were orphaned during the genocide are having babies that they can’t take care of and creating more orphans. Nyanja did tell us that Rwanda is a much better country after the genocide than it was before. People here have had to learn how to reconcile and move on. They are committed to healing and improving their nation.

We went to pick up Moses right after that. I’m sure he wondered why I held him so tight! While we were there, the police brought in a baby that had been found just hours earlier, abandoned on the side of the road. He was days old. This is the second baby that’s been brought to the orphanage just in the three days since we’ve been here."


  1. oh how blessed we are! YOu know I am praying! how blessed your babies will be, how blessed we are with what we have, but more, how blessed we are to have a God that loves us more than we know or can even fathom, and we have a relationship with Him!

  2. I have been to this memorial. It is gut-wrenching. Even though it is hard to get through it...I would plan to go. I am praying that we hear something soon.

  3. Praying for you!!!!! And praying for your precious children.