Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another non-update update:)

Hi everyone- this week has been CRAZY at work, but I am grateful to be employed and I am fortunate enough to love the place I work at and the people I work with so I won't complain:) The latest news from Rwanda is that The Minister's Office will be contacting the social worker who did our homestudy some time before October 12th (hopefully) with our referral. It seems like such a long ways away, but I keep reminding myself that IT IS SOOOOOOOOOO WORTH THE WAIT!!! Please continue to pray for the nuns at the orphanage and the people at The Minister's office as they make decisions regarding who will be our future children. I dream about them almost every night and Adam and I just can't wait to see their beautiful faces. God is good beyond words all of the time and I am so very grateful for His grace upon my life.


  1. I love your heart! Praying with you through this wait. I can imagine it is immensely difficult! I love your heart. You will be great parents!

  2. Hi Dorbands!!! I would love to email with you- we got our approval letter Aug 30 (but it's dated Aug 28) We got approval for TWO children although we asked for one.!! We're still sorting that out, but we'd love to email with you guys-- jen and bill God Bless!!

  3. praying and waiting along side you!