Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy "One Month Anniversary" Boys!!!

Today marks 1 month since we were able to hold Levi & Judah in our arms. Getting to know them and bonding as a family of 4 over the past month has been such a great joy and we know that the journey has only just begun. Here are some recent photos...we are in awe of what little miracles these guys are!!!

Levi playing with his favorite toy- a measuring cup:)
Both boys slept through their first encounter with Santa!

Judah screaming for more food! He has really loves anything that someone else is eating:)
My husband truly is the best dad ever- such a natural!!!


  1. Maybe Levi can help me make Judah's birthday cake!!!

  2. I have so enjoyed following your journey! Your boys are so precious! We just applied to adopt from Rwanda. We are working through an agency.... I would not even know how to begin with a private adoption. I love reading your blog and seeing what we will hopefully someday experience ourselves!

  3. those santa pictures are HYSTERICAL!!! LOL!