Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hoping the website is misleading...

One of the other families who is adopting from Rwanda read on The Minister's website that she has quite a busy week, which probably means no referral:( I'm hoping the website is misleading and she'll actually be in the office to approve our referrals this week...I am just struggling knowing that we are missing precious moments with our kids. I'm sure there will be times later in life where I will just want a few precious moments of peace and quiet, but for now, I just want them here!


  1. :( It's hard... God give this family strength to get through the wait!

  2. Just said a little prayer for you guys. In Dec we'll be starting our second year of waiting. Our first adoption has come to a screeching halt due to problems adopting in Kenya. We have now switched to AWAA's Rwanda program. Following your blog closely!

  3. Haha this just reminded me of Sunday when we were talking about how many diapers you will be changing :) ♥