Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Stronger Than I Knew"

My mother-in-law sent me an incredible early birthday gift (my birthday is not until December). The title of the picture she sent is, "Stronger Than I Knew." The artist (Julie A Kirkland) painted it during one of the darkest points in her life and she says that it truly was an inspiration from God. It reminded me of where my strength comes from. She wrote this to me and sent it with the picture, "As I look at it I think of you and this past year and so much more- you are stronger than you know, but only with God." Of course it made me cry and I could just see God holding me with His mighty right hand. I uploaded the picture to share with you all- may it encourage your heart as well!

I have to say that both Adam and I have families that have been so wonderful and supportive through this whole journey. They have surrounded us with love and encouragement and they don't give easy answers like, "everything is going to be OK, just trust God." We do trust God, but sometimes you just want people to listen and understand and that is what our families do. Knowing this would be a difficult week, one of my sisters (I have 4) sent me homemade fudge brownies, while 2 others bought me a 2nd BEAUTIFUL convertible crib to match the one they bought me earlier this year (they really spoil me). My mom is working on hand made quilts and blankets so our kids don't freeze and on and on...Adam and I have amazing families.


  1. You do have an amazing family and an amazing God who meets your needs at the perfect time!!!!

  2. you are stronger than you know. still praying!

  3. Your family is in our prayers as you're going through this painful time of waiting. Praying for your strength to endure! God bless you.