Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The kindness of strangers who I call my friends...

Whenever people ask me for an update, I usually tell them the latest news from one of my "friends". Most of these friends I have never met face-to-face, but they have all played a HUGE role in this journey and I feel that our hearts will always be connected. From the other adoptive families passing along news to Tina who has guided us every step of the way to our friends who actually live in Kigali and pass along news whenever possible- we are MORE GRATEFUL THAN WE COULD EVER TELL YOU!!! One of these friends, a man who works for the USAID office in Rwanda, sent this information along so I thought I would share. I really hope "a few days" really means tomorrow or Friday:) I should have learned by now to be less optimistic, but I'm not really good at the whole pessimism/realism thing. Thank you for standing with us!!!

"According to my contact you should get a response in a few days. The good news is that the bureaucratic wheels are in motion. Please be patient, "a few days" is vague, and it could be a bit longer than we prefer."


  1. Ok, its been weeks/months longer than I prefer :) I'm really hoping for Thursday!!!!! I loveyou more than you know and am honored to be a part of all this! Aunt Margie is blowing kisses on the wind!!! they will ge them when they wake up!!

  2. I'm with Margie, let it be tomorrow:):):)

  3. Dear Jesus- Please bring word of their beautiful babies sooner than expected. Please let tomorrow be a day for them to remember. Please show them the faces of the ones they will soon hold in their arms.