Saturday, October 31, 2009

Requesting FERVENT Prayer

Needless to say these past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for those awaiting referrals from The Minister's Office and today was no different. I received word from my friend who is helping us through the process that courts are closed in Rwanda for the whole month of December. This means that if we do not receive our referral soon, which enables us to schedule a court date, we will have to wait to move forward until January. The prospect of this happening is overwhelming. We are asking everyone we know to pray fervently that we are able to secure a court date before the end of November. Thank you for standing with us!

Psalm 25:3a
"No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame..."


  1. Adam & Kati,
    I have been away from my computer for a couple of weeks, even so, God has laid you both on my heart. I know that you have heard from others that His timing is what you want. You must cling to that. He has His best for you and those babies and that is what you want, His best.
    Over the past 5 years we have been through so many struggles: Three daughters, weddings, births, divorces, all while we were doing a build on and remodel, Job changes, a daughter moving out of state.
    Illnesses, surgery, our pastor recently stepped down, a split in the Church I was born and raised in. People treating people with more bitterness and hate than I can even recognize. We finally got our final appraisal last week to refinance for lower % and it was way more than we ever thought it could be.
    I have tried so hard to keep my focus on Christ and His will, His timing because I know, from experience, that out of His will and timing is No place I want to be.
    I didn’t mean to tell you my woes for no reason, I just wanted to share that He is faithful and His promises are true. There were days that I just couldn’t see His hand and for a minute I wondered if I was
    Abandoned, but Praise God that my husband and I pressed on through this all and looking back on the past five years I can praise Him for the work He has done in our lives and our marriage and we continue to trust him for the days to come.
    Remember them are His babies and He has them in His most capable hands. And that is what is best.
    Even though I am not your momma, you just got a momma lesson, from a very humble heart.

    Because He lives,

  2. who told you this? ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  3. Praying, praying, praying. The adoption process can be so rough at times. Praying some more!

  4. standing... hoping... praying...

  5. Praying. My heart goes out to you and Adam.

    Romans 8:28

    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

  6. prayer for my health, fruit of the womb
    unity between me and parter. protection from the evil attack to our relationship.
    we should be preparing for marriage in the next year.