Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Keep Praying!!!

Thanks to our wonderful network of blogging friends, this is the word on the street...please keep praying that all the technology works so Veronique can get the referrals out before the weekend.  We also need continued prayers for a NOVEMBER court date.

This is what she wrote:)
"POA feels confident that your referral will come this week and said it will probably be Friday.  Veronique has reassured her that she is doing everything she can to finish up these adoptions before the end of the year and she knows the courts are not open in December.  Veronique is traveling upcountry some this week but should be in the office Thursday or Friday."


  1. Very hopeful news! Still standing with you in prayer. I know God is hearing us!

  2. How exciting! Will be thinking about and praying for you this week!

  3. Hi there...I've been following your blog ever since my husband and I decided to pursue Rwandan adoption. (we've not yet begun the process) I wanted to tell you what an incredible testimony you are as a group of parents bonded together in fervent prayer for your children. God's love and power seems almost palpable as your situation has become more urgent. I will be praying for you and anxiously await the good news!

  4. AHHHHH!!!!!! I can't wait! I'm gonna carry Kleenex with me just in case!! Hoping! Standing! Loving! Praying!