Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pics from the last few days:)

I know I slacked yesterday in posting pictures so here are some from Monday and this morning. The ones on top are from this morning and the one of Adam signing is from when we officially got to keep the boys FOREVER! It was a little weird- Adam just signed in this ledger book and it was finished. The Minister is the one reaching for Judah's hand and Veronique is standing outside with us. Yesterday was too crazy to get any good pictures, but we'll be taking more. Thanks everyone for the great toys! Levi & Judah are really enjoying them over here:) They really like anything they can bang on something else to make noise...Ian Bacon can we sign up for drum lessons now??? Sending all our love!
Adam, Katie, Levi & Judah


  1. Even though I always say I don't have favorites I do... Levi and Judah! I love them both so much I can't pick!!

  2. Thanks for the pics, they are so happy & having so much fun with their mom & dad! It's now part of our morning routine to get on here and see if there are any new pictures! :) The girls have to see the boys! Ava keeps saying she cannot wait to hold them! And Lana well she just talks about them alot! We love you all! xoxox

  3. Those boys are so crazy cute I can hardly stand it!

  4. Blessings from our family to your family