Friday, December 4, 2009


Today we had success at the embassy- the consular had mercy on us and gave us the official packet. This marks the end of our paperwork in Rwanda- the next steps are in Nairobi. We are heading to the countryside today with our POA and his family. We just wanted to pass along the good news!!!
Love from Kigali,
The Dorband 4


  1. YEAH!!!! praise God!! I can't stop looking at the boys they really have seem to come alive with your love!

  2. OKay... I LOVE to comment, but I gotta tell you that I cry so mcuh every time I read your blog- so much so that I just can't comment. OR i have NO words. We have adopty friends who live in MI. They are still in KEnya adopting their little girl (takes about a year) and they lived with us. They are from Ann Arbor and we will visit them sometime! It would be awesome to meet you guys! Blessings to you guys!

  3. oh! And I must know what your pit stop in NBO is about! Thats my homeland... well... sort of...

  4. There is a song on Ava's clifford video, and the chorus says that "Love makes little things grow." And I just think so much of Levi & Judah, and how your love is making those little guys grow in so many ways. We love you all so much and think of you constantly. Excitedly awaiting your return :) xoxoxo