Thursday, December 3, 2009


We are nearing the end of our stay in Rwanda and Adam and I have had a wonderful time learning about the country and the two newest members of our family:) The boys are still having a little difficulty with their sleep schedule, which I'm sure will only continue after we come home to Michigan (it is 7 hours different than Rwanda). We now have both Levi & Judah's passports (hooray) and we will head to the embassy tomorrow to try to convince the consular that the paper she wants does not exist for orphans who were abandoned and we have all the other paperwork in order. If you think of it, pray that she has MERCY on us and the other families who will be trying to do the same tomorrow.

We continue to learn the different nuances that are a part of the boys' personalities. For example, Levi gets really hyper at night when it is bed time. He goes on and on, kicking his legs and laughing hysterically at nothing in particular. Judah is more finicky than Levi- if he's tired he just whines and rubs his face and it is difficult for him to get comfortable. He likes to make a clicking noise with his mouth and if you do it, he will just stare at your mouth and then just start laughing. Levi loves having his nose wiped (weird I know), when you wipe it, he laughs and giggles and tries to get you to do it again...this is a good thing considering he has a cold right now. Both boys babble, especially the word dada- we know that they aren't saying it to Adam yet but it is SOOOO cute.

We had our first brotherly altercation today where Levi smacked Judah in the face (I think it was on purpose) and Judah proceeded to cry (of course) and then we gave Judah a wet wipe to play with and all was well with the world. Adam and I are loving parenthood and we are exhausted but OH SO THANKFUL!!! Knowing our children and holding them in our arms is a feeling that is indescribable. Please pray that everything here goes smoothly until Sunday and that our time in Kenya is productive and on schedule:) THANK YOU!!!!

All our love,
The Dorband 4


  1. Congratulations. We Will Be Praying=]

  2. When Brayden gets really tired, he gets really slap happy and giggly, maybe Levi does the same! You don't think they are tired because they are laughing so much, but they really are!! We can't wait to see you soon! Prayers are with you for a smooth day and smooth travels home as well! Love you guys!
    Aunt Cindy, Uncle Brian, and Cousin Brayden

  3. Can't believe how fast the time seems to have gone by for you guys!
    Can't wait to meet the boys! I love that you are enjoying your time, and I'm certain that your sons are "oh so thankful" to have such loving parents!! :))))

  4. Oh, we prayed so hard for the consolar to have mercy and I believe she will bless you. With each little orphan, she's getting the hang of it and softening around the edges! Our prayers are with the 4 of you.

  5. Those little faces need some Angela Smooshes for sure!!!! And Bella wants a few licks in too! and the bib looks great on Levi:) however them in their matching striped shirts is totally the cutest! The Dorband family is not only beautiful, but an inspiration to the entire world! I love you and can't wait to hug you all when you get home! Love and hugs - Angela

  6. I am crying as I read this. I love that you have shared some uniqueness about the boys! God has knit your family together for a purpose! And you will still be working it all out when you get home. Just when we think we have one thing figured out(like the finicky before bed thing) another creeps up. Parenting is such a learning process. Good thing kids are very forgiving. They do not need perfect parents! Just a mom and dad who love them. And I know that you have loved them for a long time!!!!!! It is so wonderful that you are sharing these details. Please continue to share them when you come home. I know we do not get to talk in person very often, but I would love to hear how the boys are doing and how you are doing. Praying for you all. By the way I love the pic of the boys sleeping on the matress. So sweet. Hope that you all can get some rest soon!!!!! Mom and dad especially.