Thursday, December 10, 2009

Totally Unexpected Blessing

Through the kindness of strangers who are part of the body of Christ, Adam and I now have a free place to stay in Nairobi. We moved out of our original guesthouse today because the room was already rented out to someone else for the remainder of our stay and we were looking for an affordable place when a blogging friend (who is a missionary in Kenya) sent a message saying we could stay at her families' house in Nairobi. They are currently in the states and they just decided they wanted to bless us. We don't really know what to say other than THANK YOU! We truly feel the sustaining grace of God with us every step of the way:)

All our love,
The Dorband 4


  1. AWESOME!!! I'm all about saving money!!

  2. Adam and Katie, My husband and I found your blog site through Mugisha Ministries and we've been following your progress while in Rwanda and your journey since. We want you to know that you are on our hearts and we are praying and agreeing with you for a good result!

    Please know that we are lifting you up in prayer!!

    Blessings, The Cokes

  3. Hi dorrbands-- we are praying for levis OCR to br ok!! Sunday night we will be in Nairobi again- we re staying smat the Wildebeest lodge in Nairobi. I thing it's on Ngong rd -- we would love to meet up! God bless ur boys! Live jen bill and elijah mugisha

  4. how great is our God! we are praying for Levi & all of you. believing and standing in the gap!

  5. Your family is in our hearts and minds! We're praying for an excellent health outcome for Levi and a quick return home for your family!!!

  6. Katie and Adam, I'm the one who emailed you about names, friends of Adam and Tara. Just wanted you to know we're praying for you and Levi and Judah. We just got our Letter of Approval from the MIGEPROF on Thursday!!! So excited. Praying for the Nuns as God chooses our son through them!
    God bless you guys,
    Heidi Michaelian