Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 2 with the boys...

We just dropped the boys off at HOH and it was more difficult than yesterday. I know that is what they are used to and the nuns are so wonderful to them, but we miss them! One more night without them and then they will be with us (as long as we get our travel letter on Monday). Today was even more perfect than yesterday- here's what we did:)
  • Went to HOH at 8am, but the doors to the infant room were locked. As we waited we were mobbed by 30 or so 2 & 3 year olds. They were all crying and holding on to our legs so much that we couldn't walk. I bet that the care takers at the orphanage were wishing we hadn't shown up right at that moment:) We held a few of them until they let us in to see Levi & Judah.
  • When we saw the boys this morning, they were all smiles and they seemed happy to be going with us. They were fed right before we picked them up and by the time we got back to our B&B, we could tell they were ready for a nap.
  • Levi & Judah proceeded to take a 3 hour nap, which we found out was pretty typical for the kids in the infant room. Another adoptive mom (who has lived here for a year) said that the kids in the infant room spend a large portion of their day sleeping so all the activity over the past 24 hours probably really wore the boys out!!!
  • We enjoyed taking turns laying with them and snuggling- it was a great morning:)
  • When the boys woke up, we attempted to feed them some rice cereal (I think more of it ended up on their faces and clothes than in their mouths, but we tried).
  • After eating, we played with the boys for about and hour and then took a walk down to Bourbon Coffee, which is the Rwandan version of Starbucks. We met another adoptive family there and talked adoption stuff until our driver came to take us back to the orphanage.
  • When we arrived at the orphanage there were 3 other adoptive families that just got to meet their kids- Smith, Spore, & Bower families (they had just arrived from the airport). It was a beautiful thing to see them all holding their kids tight.
Our plan for tomorrow is to pick up the kids first thing in the morning and go to our POA's church where they have asked Adam to preach. We will spend most of the day there doing church Rwandan style, which will be amazing. We are praying for everything to go smoothly on Monday so we can obtain our travel letter and then it is on to working on the Passports. We are also planning on visiting the genocide memorial as well as other cultural sites around the city while we are here. I will keep the pictures coming so if you get sick of seeing our kids, sorry about that:) Lots of love from Kigali!!!
Adam & Katie


  1. ava lana judah levi :) we love you :)

    That was a message from Ava she did ALL the typing! She loves looking at the pictures and so does Lana of course! Ava especially likes the one of Levi grabbing his Daddy's face! And she noticed the ball she gave them in a corner of a pic! :) It is so cute bc she refers to you & Adam as their Mommy & Daddy without me telling her! We are so over joyed and look forward to seeing new pics everyday so we don't mind--keep them coming! By time you get home they will prob be printed & framed! We love you all! xoxo

  2. I love the pictures of you all snuggling with them! Those are some of my favorite times. As they get older they don't let you do that too often. LOL. They discover a world to explore, but enjoy and soak up every moment. Praying that you get your letter quickly, so you do not have to say goodbye at night time.

  3. I could weep...I am just so blessed to have played a part in this amazing journey of love and faith. Seeing you with your boys is beyond words! Thank you for posting!

  4. AWWWWWWWW. They SO CUTTTTTEEEEE. I want to give them I big hug

  5. Great pics. NOt sure which one, but one is so serious and one is all smiles.

  6. I'm so excited!! Thankfully someone had internet so I could see you guys earlier today! loveyou guys!!