Thursday, November 26, 2009

In Amsterdam

Hey Everyone! We are in Amsterdam and on our way to Nairobi next. We are tired but oh so happy!!! We will be arriving in Kigali at about 2am Friday local time (that is Thursday evening for those of you in Michigan).


  1. Looking Good! Hopefully you have found some Starbucks or something that compares! Love you and thinking of you all constantly! Drew is keeping track, saying they are on their way now to Nairobi! Praying for the plane rides Katie! :)
    Ava & Lana say Hi! :0

  2. kj52 said...

    HA THIS IS SO COOL. I snuck on the plane with you to the Netherlands . I am hanging out here in Europe. I cant wait to be the first of the ALIVE FAMILY to see the kids on your way back to the Netherlands. Dude Netherlands coffee is way better than Star Bucks

  3. You should be there!!! wooo hooo!!!