Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I dreamt about our kids last night. I LOVE it when I dream about them:) We were at Home of Hope picking them up and I had the impression that it was the first time we ever saw them. They introduced us to the first one, it was a boy and his name was Levi. He rested his head on my shoulder and we whispered, Ndagukunda in his ear. We walked over to the other crib, but I woke up before I saw anything...I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn't...hopefully we will know more this week. Veronique actually e-mailed me on Saturday to say that referrals would be coming very soon. I hope very soon means Monday and we would so appreciate it if you would continue to pray for a November court date.


  1. Hey Katie and Adam,
    Just returned from spending a week with our daughter and her new baby. Praise the Lord all went well and our new grandson is healthy and beautiful. My daughter and I visit about you and your waiting. Her blog link is on mine. We both think about you all and pray for the day that is coming so soon for you.
    Check out the pic. of our new one.
    Because He Lives,

  2. I think that it is God giving you that dream to get you through this! Praying for you. I woke up the other night with the urge to "battle" for you in prayer. Battling for your precious family. You will be together soon!