Friday, November 27, 2009


We did not get our travel letter today, which means that we had to take Judah and Levi back to the orphanage at 5:30pm. The sister's were very sweet and understanding- they let us lay the boys in their cribs for the night and told us we could come back first thing to help them wake up and get ready for the day. On a side note, their cribs are TINY! Adam and I were both surprised at how small Levi & Judah are because they looked so much bigger in the picture. When we saw their cribs, we realized the scale of the picture was somewhat skewed. The clothes we brought still fit well with a little room to spare:)

On a scale of 1-10, this day was a 35 (at least). Here is somewhat of an outline...
  • 9:00 Our POA picked us up and took us to the orphanage (my heart was beating out of my chest!!!)
  • 9:45 The nuns brought Levi & Judah out for us. They had just woken the boys up from a nap so Judah was a little cranky, but he warmed up pretty fast.
  • We headed over to The Minister's office to request our travel letter from Veronique personally. She was very sweet and wanted to hold the boys- she informed us that The Minister was out and may not return in time to sign our travel letter.
  • After The Minister's office we went to exchange money with our POA and then we took Levi to the Dr. because he has quite a chest cold, but the Dr. said he was OK and that we should just monitor him for a few days.
  • Following the visit to the doctor, we took the boys back to our bed and breakfast to feed them and have them take naps. Levi wasn't tired so he went on the coffee adventure (see pictures below) with Adam.
  • The boys' schedules were completely thrown off in terms of eating, sleeping, and their normal surroundings, but they held up like champs. Levi had a little melt-down around 4:30 and then we heard from our POA that we would have to take them back to the orphanage.
  • Our kind driver took us back with the boys and waited while we said goodbye (for an extended period of time). We also met two other families from the US who had adopted from HOH and met the in country representative for AWAA who was so very sweet to us.
  • We ate dinner at a local Italian restaurant with really good pizza and now we are almost too exhausted for words, but so happy.


  1. It sounds amazing. Hopefully you guys can sleep well tonight because I'm sure you need it after such a whirlwind. The boys look perfect and we are super excited to see all of you! 1 question we had: Why the pink clothes? Not that it really matters it was just interesting to see.

  2. The words and pictures brought tears of joy!! I so wish I could be with you-thank you for sharing so much of your day. It is fabulous to see them with their parents-the amazing joy on all your faces is beautiful. Praise God!

  3. Oh my Goodness! Our computer was down today so this is the first time we are reading this! And amazingly enough Lana is sitting here as silent and still as a house plant! It was as if she was as excited and speechless as I was! We love you all and how perfect the four of you look together oh my goodness gracious! We love you all so very much! Enjoy every minute!It's all about you 4 right now! :0 xoxox

  4. thanks for the updates! I love the pictures of your beautiful boys :) We pray you can get the travel letter and passports asap! Say Hi To Mugisha for us if you can!
    love jen bill emilia and elijah(mugisha)

  5. So great to hear the details about your trip to your beautiful boys!
    Give all the kids, POAs and MIGEPROF workers love from the Furr family. We'll be there in under two weeks.
    Savor every moment! xo Rebecca

  6. I'm so full of joy for your lovely family. Thank you for the updates!