Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our Boys!!!

I found out later this week that we actually passed court on Monday and I didn't realize that everything was official at that time so we are able to post pictures. Here are our beautiful boys!!! It is hard to believe that we will be holding them in our arms in just 6 short days. Judah UWIMANA Dorband on the right and Levi KWIZERA Dorband has the cutest, chubbiest cheeks I have ever seen (and he is on the left). We are smitten and in love!!!

*This is their original referral photo- they are a little older now and Judah is all smiles:)


  1. awwhhhhh im so happy Katie. Phyllis and I are sitting here just smiling and "awwwwhhhhhh"ing

    hahaha. We love you and Adam and the babies ♥

  2. They are absolutely beautiful! I can't believe how sweet they are! Oh, I can't wait until it's our turn!

    Allie Brannon

  3. Love these babies. Excited for you. Only one more weekend of freedom. LOL. I know you are longing for "freedom" to be over and to hold those babies. Praying that they will feel at peace with you and transition easily.

  4. I saw this and was like "AWWWWWW!" so loud and my roommates and hallmates came into my dorm and I was like "Look! These are the babies that my old youth pastors are adopting from Africa!"
    And then like six girls were gathered around my computer going "AWWWW!"

  5. What precious little baby boys!
    I am so happy for you both...Mommy and Daddy!

    Because He lives.

  6. How precious! I just want to cuddle them and rejoice with you!!!

  7. Soo adorable!! Very happy for guys!

  8. They are gorgeous. Congratulations!

  9. Ohh! How precious! The only thing better will be when you are in the picture, too! Rest up Mommy! You are in for an AMAZING trip!