Thursday, November 19, 2009

One week until lift off!!!

Adam and I are so excited that in just one week we will be on a plane to meet Levi & Judah face to face. The joy is truly unspeakable. We are busy with preparations and our wonderful POA has been running all over town in Kigali to make sure all the paperwork is in order. He received their birth certificates on Tuesday with new "officially official" birthdays that are different from the earlier ones. According to the documents, Levi was born 1/20/2009 (my dad's birthday) and Judah was born 3/16/2009. I was just typing out our flight itinerary and I thought you all might be interested in our route to Rwanda so here it is...

Depart Detroit 5:55pm on Wednesday, November 25
Arrive Amsterdam 7:55am on Thursday, November 26
Depart Amsterdam 10:20am on Thursday, November 26
Arrive Nairobi 8:25pm on Thursday, November 26
Depart Nairobi 11:40pm on Thursday, November 26
Arrive in Kigali 2:10am on Friday, November 27

We are using Northwest/KLM so we have less flights to deal with (especially on the way home with the two little ones). As we are packing to leave, my only question is this...should we go through the trouble to bring a portable crib or should we rely on blankets and pillows to form a makeshift bed? Also, fellow adoptive families, tell me what is on your "must have" list so we can make sure we bring everything we need!




    you're still in my prayers <3
    I love you guys so much and God has blessed me so much by putting both of you in my life ♥

  2. Just a thought. The portable cribs on your registry (Eddie Bauer ones) will be harder for you to use with babies who are older. As they can sit up and probably stand up they will most likely climb out of them. Not sure if these were the portable cribs you were still planning on using. And not sure where you are staying in Africa, but many hotels and motels in US will provide cribs or playpens for a small fee and some for free. Worth checking into. I personally dislike makeshift cribs with pillows and stuff. Once my kids could crawl and walk they would not stay in them for anything. Obviously you could have a totally different experience and your kids may stay in them, but I am just speaking from experience. Also not sure how the kids will be sleeping in a new environment. They may crave your presence and may end up in your bed all night. My kids still sleep in our bed sometimes if we are at a hotel because the new environment throws them off. Hope that helps a bit and maybe some parents who have adopted could give you more specifics on what their experience was. We love you all and are praying for safe and pleasant travels!!!! So excited for your family to finally be united!!!! For furture travel or maybe even for this one we absolutely love our pack and play. We use it all the time. I did not see one on your registry and not sure if you got one. I will pray for wisdom for you to know what would be best for your kids!!!

  3. We are so happy for you. As far as the bed goes, I wouldn't lug a porta crib all the way over there. You'd be in an overnight shipping situation, but I'd use something more like the "Travel and Trundle" from the One Step Ahead Catalogue/Website. It has sides for them as they are younger, but would last you a few years. Personally, my son has always ended up just sleeping in our bed, so when we go, we're planning on having 2 boys in the bed with us. Have fun! (I heard someone say to take a roll of TP in your backpack/purse because public facilities are often out--how's that for random advice!) Finally, Clorox Anywhere spray is WONDERFUL with babies. It disinfects within like 2 minutes, but is actually harmless if swallowed. It's good to have a small little bottle (below airline regualtions; you can put a full bottle in your luggage) in your purse for those travel germs.

  4. Just thought I'd chime in on your crib question. I suppose it depends on where you are staying in Rwanda and Ethiopia, but in Rwanda our hotel (Chez Lando)had a king size bed and our little guy just slept with us. The other families we went with adopted two children like you and the hotel just moved an extra mattress in the room for them. In Ethiopia we stayed at Yebsabi Guest House and they had a crib in the room for us to use.

    One thing we found is that you cannot buy baby food at all in Rwanda. You can buy formula, cereal, and diapers (the diapers are insanely expensive) but you absolutely cannot buy jars of baby food. Everyone makes their own. Even though it's heavy, bring plenty! Another thing that was really nice was nasal saline and a bulb aspirator. One of the little girls in our travel group was very congested and that helped her breath until her antibiotics kicked in. Also make sure you bring small gifts to give to people who have helped in the process (i.e. government officials in the MIGEPROF office, POA, workers at the orphanage, etc. The nuns at Home of Hope will not accept any kind of gifts, but there a quite a few nannies who work there and enjoy the presents).
    So excited to see you get your boys! You will love Rwanda!

  5. don't burden yourself with more stuff, just make due wherever you are, ask for cribs or an extra mattress, the boys are going to be thrown off anyway (I agree with Jessica) just let them sleep with you.

    You know I'm one who packs EVERYTHING, but I think you should take Adam's approach, clothes, passports, and a credit card :)

  6. Am so excited for you and Adam :)And the babies you are bringing home. Praise God!