Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lodging in Rwanda

Hi friends! I know many of you will be traveling to Kigali in the NEAR future (yay!!!) and if you are looking for a place to stay, I would check out Beth Shalom Bed and Breakfast. You can view their website at It seems conveniently located and they are extremely helpful. We e-mailed them over the weekend and they responded quickly to a multitude of questions. They offered to pick us up from the airport and they have a variety of services. Check out their website- the most expensive room is $65/night, which is very reasonable for Kigali. I just thought I'd pass the info along.

Adam and I are still busy making preparations and we just can't wait to hold them in our arms. Please continue to pray for Judah and Levi as they are about to meet these two crazy Americans and leave everything they know. We pray that the adjustment goes well and that all our travels are safe:)


  1. I love you guys and I pray that your trip goes well and you and the babies arrive back home safe and sound! We will miss you guys so much but it will be worth it!!!! KATIEEE!! ADAM!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO BE HOLDING YOUR BABIES SOON :)

    they are so lucky.
    They are going to have a huge family!!!
    (Alive, Fuel, and Metrosouth!)

  2. That place looks great! Bookmarking for the future. Thanks for doing all this research that I know I and many others will benefit from!

  3. their cheeks will be raw from all the kisses they are going to be showered with!

  4. Praying. I had a thought regarding a comment by another poster. I am not trying start a conflict, (LOL trying to show I am light hearted) just a different perspective. I think baby food should not be needed. They are old enough to probably eat whatever you eat smashed into small pieces. By the time my kids were 8-9 months they ate with us at the table and ate "real" food cut up or mashed with a fork. Just trying to save you the space and weight. Not sure if you can find out if they do eat "real" food yet, but just trying to help. Even if they do not eat meat most veggies and fruits are easily cut up and some are very smashable. Maybe this would work at least until you come home.

  5. Congrats! We are in Muskegon and just starting the Rwanda process! I'm so excited to follow your journey. We are also considering requesting 2 boys.

    To offer another point of view on the baby food. We brought our daughter home from China at 16 months. She was still drinking mostly formula. In fact, the only solid food she would eat while there was cheerios (the universal favorite of all children...take tons!) and noodles. She refused to eat anything else solid...even mashed up fruit. I recommend taking baby food prunes to mix into formula. 8-9mnth old babies in an orphanage are not like 8-9mnth old babies in a loving home...especially during the trauma of this transition. think younger than they are.

  6. My pleasure to pray for your family.
    Praising the Lord for Levi and Judah.
    What an awesome thing it is to be hand-picked by our Savior!

    Because He Lives

  7. HA THIS IS SO COOL. I snuck on the plane with you to the netherlands . I am hangin out here in Europe. I cant wait to be the first of the ALIVE FAMILY to see the kids on your way back to the netherlands