Monday, November 23, 2009

Katherine with a K!

We got an update from our POA today and he spent some time with Levi and Judah getting their pictures taken for their passports. He said that Judah is a "very serious boy" and he's calm, not scared of anything. Levi was a little more nervous being out and about and he said that neither of the boys wanted to let him go when they went back to the orphanage. He told them, "your parents are coming this week." Melt my heart!!! I am so thankful for our POA.

Our POA also scanned the birth certificates for Judah and Levi so we could have them in our files and I realized that they spelled my name Catherine with a C instead of Katherine with a K...I immediately sent a message to our POA and we are asking for prayers that this does not cause a major problem and that it is easily fixable because our I know our POA has been running around like crazy trying to get ready for our arrival on Friday.

That's all for now- we will post more as soon as we can. Now I'm off to pack and clean and try to install a gate at the top of our stairs:)


  1. Praying that nothing hinders your union with your sons!!!

  2. There are no barriers in love and this will not stop it! That's why you found out early so it could be taken care of! I thought it was so cute the car seats are all set, ready for their little butts!! LOVEYOU!!

  3. woooo! Car seats and gates. You're gonna be mommy and daddy soon ♥

  4. I love the story about your POA saying mom and dad will be here soon. That made me cry. God certainly has brought an amazing mom and dad to two amazing little boys.